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Simplify Business. Build Value. Drive Sustainability.

A progressively complex world demands revolutionary perspectives, advanced methodologies, new practices, radical approaches, novel solutions and a flexible culture of innovation that evolves with your needs. It is important for you and your organisation to keep up and navigate through these demands, if you are considering the development, growth and sustainability of your organisation and its business in the long run.

At Gray & Gray, we truly care and understand about the challenges of managing an organisation with having demands to cope with and ever-changing market trends and conditions to deal with. We are committed to helping you streamline your business development processes and drive the growth and sustainability of your business to its fullest potential by providing our expertise which comprises a dedicated suite of services for relevant industries to include, both advisory and transactional work involving solution-oriented strategies that your organisation needs to procure and maintain a competitive advantage.

regional specialised firms with global network

Headquartered in Singapore, Gray & Gray is an international group of management consulting firms formed by savvy and highly-experienced professionals comprising lawyers, financial analysts, business advisors and industry experts, who have built distinguished careers in their respective fields and specialisations. We are a leading strategic solutions provider for businesses looking to simplify and optimise, build value and grow, and/or drive sustainability. We operate through our close-knit and powerful ecosystem of strategic business units, where we forge collaborations and partnerships with credible industry experts as well as research centres of leading universities and professional services firms from across the globe, to deliver carefully-tailored sustainable business solutions along with reliable advisory and transactional services.

Gray & Gray was established by a bi-regional consortium of two Gray family offices that have built extensive networks over a span of more than 30 years, in various sectors including construction, manufacturing and engineering, private equity, investment banking, and consumer and retail. We believe that these networks are a competitive advantage for us in developing invaluable industry insights and unique strategic solutions that matter. Since our founding, we have exponentially grown in our outreach, with offices in Singapore, Melbourne, London and New York, and successful business dealings in over 30 different cities.

At Gray & Gray, we are a team guided by a common set of values and principles.

management consulting services

GG provides comprehensive consulting capabilities to both public and private sector clients across a focused range of industries and selected geographic locations. These capabilities include :

  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Investments;
  • Business Development; and
  • Business Transformations (including digital transformations and restructuring),

being performed across a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing and engineering, retail and consumer goods, beauty and fashion, and resources-related industries across Asia-Pacific region and selected geographies. corporate advisory, transactional and ancillary support and services in relation to the following activities. Our diverse expertise spans a broad range of corporate, consulting, business transformation, legal and financial services, offered to our clients by way of advisory and/or performance of any works necessary to meet the needs of our clients across the region.

GG helps organisations across the private and public sector create, make and navigate through changes which matter the most to them. The founding partners of GG have diverse and extensive corporate experience, and a demonstrated ability to lead successful projects and build leading businesses, in specific sectors. Elfia Gray assembled and led international mergers and acquisitions teams at Leighton Nielsen and Skadden for the closure of multiple successful cross-border deals relating to the manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and retail sectors; Simon Gray established and led international business and I.T. (digital) transformation project teams at Allianz while William Gray, formerly a senior banker at Morgan Stanley, led a series of successful investment exits and is an independent accredited investor for over three decades, with a significant portfolio of investments in construction companies and real estate.

GG partners with entrepreneurs and management teams in our specialised sectors across Asia-Pacific region to help them transform their organisations and businesses, building in the course of it, something robust, truly sustainable and market-leading. We combine our expertise and insights locally, regionally and globally through our business ecosystem and affiliates, and provide our clients with, the analytical, strategic, legal, technological and operational resources, as well as the support to secure any capital, to help them realise their full growth potential.

GG is committed to hire a diverse pool of talents with not just the right set of skills, experience and knowledge but as well as having positive attitude and service-oriented personality to complement. Our stringent process of recruitment has allowed us to select only the finest of the finest within our focused sectors to work with our clients. We have a growing team of highly-motivated professionals with substantial valuable and insightful experience in corporate and commercial affairs, and knowledgeable experts in our specialised fields who graduated from reputable universities around the world.

to provide carefully-tailored advice and commercial strategies to business leaders and top executives, helping them make better-informed decisions and deliver sustainable success across all levels of their organisations.

Here in GG, we are our clients’ team of savvy and seasoned professionals formed by lawyers, accountants and business consultants. We care deeply about our clients’ ever-changing needs and we adopt primarily a sector-focused approach to dedicate our highly-specialised . We value every professional relationship we build with our clients through the active engagements we foster. and our results-driven professionals are committed to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our Offices


We serve clients in Asia-Pacific region from our Singapore and Melbourne offices.

We have opened locations in London and New York to assist our affiliated firms already operating in those respective markets, in getting access to resources and business opportunities we have in the Asia-Pacific region.

More information about our offices can be found here.

Our Approach to Business

Gray & Gray’s approach to business is built on 6 critical principles and 6 core values: Integrity, Efficiency, Engagement, Innovation, Accountability and Delivery; Respect, Diversity, Confidentiality, Client’s Priority, Commitment and Professionalism. These principles and values guide our actions and behavior, allowing us to drive sustainable success for our clients. We prioritize the interests of our clients over our firm’s and we strive to maintain a long term relationship of mutual trust and growth with every client.

Our vision

To become a pre-eminent sector-focused management consulting powerhouse globally.

How we work


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